Enjoy Flowers is a subscription service, bringing you long lasting fresh flowers once or twice a month.

Begin by choosing what kind

Choose whether you want vase-ready bouquets, or loose stems you can arrange on your own.

Next choose what size

Select how many stems to receive with each delivery, based on how you want to enjoy your flowers.

Finish by choosing how often

Pick your delivery frequency: once a month or every two weeks.


Our Designs

We bring beauty to our subscribers' life, delivering unique designs, crafted exclusively by our floral experts.

Enjoy Flowers Everyday With No Commitment

You can start and stop your Enjoy Flowers subscription whenever you like. Simply pick a size, then frequency and we’ll do the rest.


$24.82 - $27.50 per delivery*

(15 - 25 stems)


$31.59 - $35.00 per delivery*

(30 - 45 stems)


$40.61 - $45.00 per delivery*

(50+ stems)

*Free shipping and taxes included

Get inspired every week!

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