Make Them Feel Special, Always

That moment when their eyes light up with surprise and whatever else is going on fades to the background; and all that comes to mind is the fact that you thought of them. That moment doesn’t only have to happen once.

When you gift Enjoy Flowers you’re adding a little extra beauty and joy to that special person’s world a reminder each month that they matter, not only on their birthday or on a special occasion, but always.

Send Him or Her Flowers Each Month. It’s Easy.


Choose the kind of flowers: vase-ready bouquets, or loose stems they can arrange on their own.


Next choose what size: regular, medium or large.


Select how often they’ll get your gift, once or twice a month.


Pick the duration of your gift. You can choose a rolling subscription or prepay for up to 12 months, depending on the frequency selected.


Finally, in the check out section complete their address and remember to mark the “This is a gift” checkbox.

Ready to make them feel special, always?