How it Works

Fill out the contact form and provide us with information about your wedding.

Choose the collection and the size of your flowers. Our sales representative will contact you to discuss details about our collections, sizes and custom options. We pride ourselves in guiding our customers to the selection that best suits their needs.

Fill out the order form. Orders should be placed 40 days before your wedding date.

We deliver the flower package to you 3 - 4 days before your wedding. You will get a shipping notification email with the tracking ID.

You receive the flowers and enjoy them on your big day!

Shipping Details

We will contact you the week before shipping to finalize any last minute details. We ship all of our orders via UPS directly from our farms in Colombia. If you are getting married on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you will receive your flowers the Wednesday before your wedding. Otherwise, we´ll arrange to send you the flowers 3 to 4 days in advance of your wedding. Once we ship your flowers (usually 2 days before your delivery date), you will receive an e-mail with tracking information and approximate delivery time for your order.

Next Steps

Bring your flowers inside and unpack them as soon as possible, this will guarantee their long-lasting freshness.
Pull on the white lace ribbon to remove the flowers from the box.
Take a look at your flowers and call us if you see or notice any problem at delivery.
Your flowers may arrive a bit thirsty due to their long journey. They may take 2-3 days to fully open.
It’s natural that some of the outer petals might look bruised because of transport. You can easily fix this by removing them to reveal the fresh petals beneath. This is very common, especially with roses.
Make sure you have enough containers to hold all your flowers before you start to unpack them. It will also be helpful to have pruning shears on hand.
Fill your containers with 2-3” of fresh water and add the flower food powder included in the box. Make sure the level is low enough so you can place them in the water and not get the ribbon wet or damaged.
Do this one bunch at a time, removing the flowers from their package and placing them directly into a container. Avoid handling them as much as possible.
Avoid placing your flowers in direct sunlight, wind or extreme temperatures. 60-70° is ideal for keeping your flowers fresh.
The easiest way to prepare each bunch of flowers is to use scissors to cut the rubber bands and tie downs before pulling the bunch out.
You may choose to leave the tags on so you can differentiate each bunch of flowers.
Enjoy your dream wedding!